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The goal was to provide our clients and operators in the Hotel, Restaurant and  Bar sector with a unique and distinctive tool.
The solution was I-PRO in all its versions!

This equipment is capable of making a real difference in the  frozen drinks market in terms of:

  • performance
  • design
  • innovation
  • comprehensive range

The most advanced slush machine in the world

An absolute innovation by SPM Drink Systems.

These units are unique in design and deliver superior performance.

The unique insulation bath I-TANK ™ technology, integrated with the manual control system.

The exclusive insulated bowls powered by i-TankTM technology minimizes the influence of external temperature, increases the cooling power and enhances product consistency. It reduces condensation on the outer bowl enhancing the product attractiveness.

The i-TankTM coupled with the electronic control system on the I-Pro Electronic range assures optimum performance and energy efficiency.

The I-Pro range is ideal for convenience stores, bars, fast-food chains, kiosks, restaurants, hotels etc.

All models are available with autofill systems (premix and postmix).

The I-Pro Mechanical range has innovative and distinct features.

The introduction of the i-TankTM technology and LED cold lighting distinguish it from the traditional slush machine.

The I-Pro Electronic range is a genuine revolution in the industry. Design and technology combine into a unique slush dispensing system allowing it to achieve energy saving as high as 60%*

Autofill capability allows the bowls to remain full at all times making the product in the unit look attractive and invites impulse sales.

Acoustic and visual indicators when the product is empty or water supply shut off.

(link to this link – https://spmdrinksystems.com.au/persistent/catalogue_files/categories/i-prov0716-pressready-reduced.pdf )


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